Group/Team Rates (5+)

We do offer group rates to any group/team of 5 or more. Details below:

1. The group rate is only $40 per person.

2. From the registration page, simply click on the “groups” tab at the top of the page.

3. You can then either search for a team, or “create a group”.

4. At packet pickup (on Friday afternoon from noon-6pm), one person can pickup the entire team’s packets or packets can be collected individually.  Packet pick-up also occurs on race day starting at 7:00am.

5. Have fun as a team, dress silly, dress alike, or dress to promote your company or business, or dress in support of a brain tumor patient.

  1. Michele Horn says:

    Is there a maximum amount for a group

  2. carmen patricia venegas says:

    can we make group of two? or have to be more than 5?. Thank you!

    • warrencaputo says:

      You are welcome to make a group of two. In order to receive the team discount, the group must be five or more.

  3. Pam Smith says:

    We are signing up two team members today but they are in different waves. It is not showing team discount of $35 dollars. 3 team members are in at 8:00 and two will be in at 8:10. How di we get the team discount on the two newest ones in a different wave?

  4. Becky says:

    How do we get group discount if we are in different waves

  5. Laura Morales says:

    We have a team of 5, one of the participants stepped on a nail and has been limping since. The doctor recommended he sits out. Can another person fill in for him?

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